Lisa Hirsch

Lisa Hirsch is a technical writer. She studied music at Brandeis and Stony Brook and blogs about classical music and opera at Iron Tongue of Midnight.

Articles By This Author

Lisa Hirsch - June 6, 2023

The American music director reflects on her trailblazing career, important mentors, and the value of expanding the canon.

Lisa Hirsch - June 5, 2023

Stephen King’s bestselling novel comes to the opera stage with, thankfully, less luridness than Stanley Kubrick’s famous film adaptation.

Lisa Hirsch - May 30, 2023

Julia Wolfe’s new oratorio makes a passionate feminist argument that’s musically and theatrically unrelenting.

Lisa Hirsch - May 9, 2023

Toshi and Bernice Johnson Reagon’s operatic rendering of Octavia Butler’s novel is scarily on point but also musically winning.

Lisa Hirsch - May 2, 2023

Michel van der Aa’s elusive and subtle work is brilliantly realized at Cal Performances.

Lisa Hirsch - April 25, 2023

The Norwegian group sings spiritual music from ancient to modern with its usual exquisite touch.

Lisa Hirsch - April 11, 2023

The composer’s dark, often mocking orchestral work shares space with Brahms’s First Piano Concerto and Sibelius’s Symphony No. 3.

Lisa Hirsch - March 27, 2023

Allen Shearer and Claudia Stevens’s operatic take on The Tempest succeeds most in musical moments that depart entirely from the original.

Lisa Hirsch - March 21, 2023

The ensemble’s Cal Performances appearance brought a unique intensity to Kaija Saariaho’s Terra Memoria and Schubert’s final quartet.

Lisa Hirsch - March 14, 2023

Under Music Director Thomas Conlin, the orchestra, founded in 2020, is exceeding expectations in every way.