Joseph Bohigian

Now accepting students for piano lessons, music composition lessons, and music theory tutoring. I have over a decade of experience teaching private music lessons and specialize in piano lessons for youth to adult beginner, intermediate, and returning students, as well as composition lessons and theory tutoring at all levels. I hold a PhD in Music Composition and enjoy incorporating music theory study into lessons. Lessons are structured around the goals of each individual student and I enjoy guiding you through learning the music you most enjoy playing.

Devon Thrumston

Devon Thrumston is an active member of the Bay Area music community, with a particular emphasis in contemporary music. She has played with a variety of ensembles, ranging from classical chamber music to Argentine tango orchestras, to jazz quintets.

Ben Kazez

I am an active performer with an enormous passion for singing technique, diction, musical storytelling, and baroque music — all of which I love sharing with my students.

Jane Lenoir

Jane Lenoir, flutist, grew up in a family of professional musicians in Tampa, Florida and left at 15 years old to study at Interlochen Arts Academy and later Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. She has a career spanning many different styles of music, from orchestral work, chamber music, jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music and Latin Jazz, to baroque flute. She has performed with the Oakland Symphony, Ballet and Opera, Stockton Symphony, San Jose Symphony, SF Opera, SF Ballet, San Francisco Chamber Music Society and University of California Contemporary Chamber Players.

Stephan Kane | Classical Guitar Lessons

Private classical guitar lessons for adults and children over Zoom for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with an experienced, patient, and qualified professional. We will start from the beginning and focus on the fundamental techniques that will equip your fingers to play virtually any style of music with ease. 

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Grand Feature Film Orchestra - community/youth ensemble (GFFO)

The Grand Feature Film Orchestra (GFFO)

We're a non-profit San Francisco Bay Area student/community group based in Vacaville, California.  With a passion for how music, sound effects, and visual media come together to tell stories, The Grand Feature Film Orchestra studies, rehearses, and presents creative original and restored film scores live with the movie. Films from Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton, Lang, and more, come to life with the music perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen.

New Notes - Orchestral Instrumental Ensemble for kids and adults

This ensemble plays classical and current repertoire. Unlike most classical training, students are guided through improvisation sections in each performance piece. All levels and ages are welcome, and parts are customized for each instrumentalist. This session will focus on The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, The Deserted Garden by Florence Price and a sing-along-play-along of Iz's version of Over the Rainbow to perform on May 20th.

Ari Bocian

I am a cellist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has played in a number of youth and regional orchestras over the years, and who received a Bachelor's in Cello Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2014 under the tutelage of Jean-Michel Fonteneau. I am willing to teach children, teenagers, and adults alike, whether it's in preparation for an audition, a rehearsal, a performance, or simply for pleasure.