Brett Campbell

Brett Campbell writes about music for The Wall Street Journal, Willamette Week, Oregon Arts Watch, SFCV and many other publications.

Articles By This Author

Brett Campbell - May 16, 2023

Hunter Noack’s imaginative fusing of art and nature comes to the Bay Area this month.

Brett Campbell - December 17, 2012

Virtuosic playing takes center stage on eighth blackbird’s latest CD, sometimes at the expense of the music’s power and beauty.

Brett Campbell - October 31, 2012

Other Minds, in collaboration with Cal Performances, is putting on a major retrospective of Conlon Nancarrow’s music this weekend. It’s music that, as Frank Zappa said, “will kill you.” (And he meant that in a good way.)

Brett Campbell - October 16, 2012

Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’ radical theatrical vision can still stir the imagination of audiences and younger musicians, like violinist Jennifer Koh.

Brett Campbell - July 11, 2012

The musical future is in good hands with these composers, all of whom qualify for the adjective “young.”

Brett Campbell - July 3, 2012

Resourceful composers find new audiences for new music outside the concert hall.

Brett Campbell - June 8, 2012

A couple of wildcard pieces brighten two new CDs by the Knights and the East Coast Chamber Orchestra, which let the music (not the theme) rule.

Brett Campbell - May 9, 2012

The Portland Cello Project plays almost anything, almost anywhere, in its mashed-up world of all-embracing music.

Brett Campbell - March 3, 2012

A pianist besotted with the music of Sondheim presents variations on his brilliant songs by an A-team of composers/arrangers.

Brett Campbell - February 23, 2012

A new film documents the rich life of the revered, polymath composer Lou Harrison.