Mark Rudio

Mark Rudio was raised on metal and funk, but once he discovered Beethoven and opera he never looked back. He writes about performing arts under the pseudonym John Marcher at A Beast in a Jungle.

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Mark Rudio - June 18, 2015

Nuances of the performance were lost to the unforgiving acoustics of the Rodin Gallery at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, but the musicians’ camaraderie shone through.

Mark Rudio - April 29, 2015

The Fresno Philharmonic commemorated the centenary of the massacre at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

Mark Rudio - April 24, 2015

The program — which explored works from Haydn, Mozart, Debussy, and Stravinsky — pit the sets of composers against each other, whether that was its intention or not.

Mark Rudio - February 24, 2015

A Maria Schneider song cycle and Schumann’s Piano Concerto were enlivened by soloists Lara Nie and Lara Downes.

Mark Rudio - January 29, 2015

Noe Valley Chamber Music returned after four years off to draw the largest audience in its 22-year history in San Francisco on Sunday, in a performance hosted by SFOO cellist Emil Miland.

Mark Rudio - November 25, 2014

”They Will Have Been So Beautiful,” Amy X Neuburg, Paul Dresher, and a number of other composers find inspiration in photos of everyday moments.

Mark Rudio - October 15, 2014

“Digital Debussy,” is part of pianist Kathleen Supové’s "The Exploding Piano" project, an attempt to remake the classical concert experience and everything that goes with it.

Mark Rudio - October 7, 2014

In a concert of fascinating music, the scene is stolen by an ambitious account of war. Does the effort to document the horrors as realistically as possible result in good music?

Mark Rudio - October 1, 2014

Concerts by the Square offers a distinctly old world style of salon music experience, but the musical offerings are fresh and wide-ranging.