Music Lessons: Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds, Strings, Pitched Percussion

Newbie Notes:

Thursday: 5:30-6:00 PM, Ages 4-7, $125/month with a sliding scale down to $0

Thursday: 6-6:45 PM, Ages 8+, $150/month with a sliding scale down to $0

Friday: 5:30-6:15 PM, Ages 8+, $150/month with a sliding scale down to $0

This is a fun class where students study instruments in small groups. This class has multiple teachers and TAs that cover instructions on many instruments. Students choose their instruments and learn in small groups with their instructor. “The Littles,” can choose to stay at one station and focus on one instrument or move from station to station to get exposure to many. Other students choose one instrument to enroll in.

Instructors: Ondine Young (piano, vocals, strings), Rob Finucane (piano, percussion), Anna Orias (piano, percussion, vocals), with TA’s Liam Young-Skeen (strings, guitar, percussion), and Aiden Lewis (guitar, strings)

Age, Minimum:
Age, Maximum:
Program Cost:
$215 - $0 sliding scale
Teaching Method:

Group work on rhythm and musicianship followed by small group instruction on specific instruments with professional instructors, followed by group activity. 

Class Frequency:
Class Duration:
30-45 mins
Scholarship Programs:

Sliding scale tuition is available down to $0.

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