Josef Woodard - December 21, 2021

At The Huntington, the group celebrates two decades of excellence with performances of Mozart and Schubert.

Richard S. Ginell - December 20, 2021

A recently unearthed recording of Coltrane live in Seattle with a powerhouse septet shines new light on his musical journey.

Stephen Shaw - December 19, 2021

Daniel Stewart, music director of the Santa Cruz Symphony, leads a stirring account of Beethoven’s Ninth.

Jeff Kaliss - December 19, 2021

The conductor/composer marked 2021 with a biography and a recorded compilation of his works.

Richard S. Ginell - December 13, 2021

Carpenter’s unusual repertory choices are enhanced by the one-of-a-kind International Touring Organ.

Jim Farber - December 13, 2021

Tony Kushner’s new screenplay is at the center of the adaptation.

Jeff Kaliss - December 9, 2021

The composer/librettist Gordon Getty sees the world premiere of his newest opera as a film by director Brian Staufenbiel.

Lou Fancher - December 6, 2021

The multi-instrumentalist and guest artists set out to demonstrate the relevance of traditional music from many cultures in the modern world.

Janice Berman - December 6, 2021

The choreographer’s new work is rich, dense, and shows a mastery of many styles.

Richard S. Ginell - December 6, 2021

Xian Zhang leads Martin Chalifour and the symphony in Woven Loom, Silver Spindle, Julia Adolphe’s new violin concerto.