Nick Rich

Nick Rich is a composer, songwriter, and guitarist. He works with electronic multimedia and is also founder of progressive folk band Winterbirds.

Articles By This Author

Nick Rich - December 17, 2019

Composer/ performer Pamela Z’s Ways of Looking is the highlight of a concert bursting with energy.

Nick Rich - October 21, 2019

The new concerto is tailored to showcase percussionist Jacob Nissly’s formidable chops.

Nick Rich - June 17, 2019

Four new instruments highlight a concert of new music and improvisation.

Nick Rich - June 4, 2019

Adams’s Quintet with Pillars explores the subtleties of resonance.

Nick Rich - May 7, 2019

Concertos from Bach, Telemann, and Vivaldi benefit from ABS’s historically informed approach.

Nick Rich - April 11, 2019

With pianist Olga Kern as soloist, the orchestra gets the blood pumping in Sibelius, Rachmaninoff, and Prokofiev.