Scott MacClelland

Scott MacClelland has written on music and, in Monterey County, taught on the subject for more than three decades.  

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Scott MacClelland - September 10, 2012

Opera San Jose is a first-rate demonstration of why opera companies have been rediscovering this pearl of an opera by the young Georges Bizet.

Scott MacClelland - July 23, 2012

Fine playing at the Carmel Bach Festival brings sparkle to Stravinsky and the odd choice of valveless horns to Brahms.

Scott MacClelland - July 16, 2012

Handel’s Alexander’s Feast made a welcome debut on opening weekend of the Carmel Bach Festival.

Scott MacClelland - March 5, 2012

The San Jose Chamber Orchestra acquits itself well playing a reduction of Mahler’s score of his Fourth Symphony, revealing insights into the original.

Scott MacClelland - December 19, 2011

Love and sacrifice gone awry lie at the heart of a famous short story, now set as a one-act opera.

Scott MacClelland - July 24, 2011

Imaginative programming choices mark the Carmel Bach Festival’s “Landscapes of the Soul” program.

Scott MacClelland - July 19, 2011

The multifaceted Peter Hanson emerges as a gracious, accessible concertmaster of the Carmel band.

Scott MacClelland - July 18, 2011

Carmel Bach’s new director, Paul Goodwin, leads a powerful “rethink” of Bach’s St. John Passion that won the audience over.

Scott MacClelland - July 19, 2010

Bruno Weil’s 19th, and last, season as music director of the Carmel Bach Festival happens, by timely rotation, to include the St. Matthew Passion. Heard Sunday at Carmel’s Sunset Center, this production of the great work was the most satisfying of the many times he has performed it there.

Scott MacClelland - July 27, 2009
Festival namesake Johann Sebastian Bach constitutes roughly 18 percent of the current Carmel Bach Festival’s total programs, now spanning just over two weeks, down from three weeks over the last several years.