Jim Farber - May 2, 2023

From audience behavior and revenue to questions of repertoire and representation, arts leaders have a lot on their plates currently.

Victoria Looseleaf - April 11, 2023

The company’s Digital Shorts, still available for viewing, brought together major-name creatives to invent 10-minute operatic films.

Jim Farber - March 18, 2023

The LA Phil’s latest new-music concert brought pieces delayed by or composed during the shutdown.

Michael Zwiebach - February 7, 2023

A report in Pasadena Now explains that David Lockington alleges wrongful termination and religious discrimination over a vaccine mandate.

Jim Farber - November 22, 2022

After more than two years of forced isolation, performance touring is back on the calendar.

Tom Jacobs - November 15, 2022

The director’s latest collaboration with the chorus adapts a mournful but timely piece by early Baroque composer Heinrich Schütz.

After making an unprecedented investment in online content, will arts groups simply return to “normal” live performances?

Tamzin Elliott - August 21, 2022

The electro-acoustic duo’s debut album, Twenty Twenty, takes listeners on an epic, unsettling journey.

Janos Gereben - July 7, 2022

Oliver Theil, who had held important positions with the orchestra since 1991, is among those no longer with the SF Symphony.

Jim Farber - January 13, 2022

How the adventurous and determined are navigating the financial burdens of COVID.