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Steven Winn - June 28, 2020

Ma reunites with a trio of expert bluegrass players on a new CD.

Richard S. Ginell - June 28, 2020

The composer’s latest major work is a symphony on par with Mahler’s Eighth.

Jason Victor Serinus - June 22, 2020

The superb soprano is in her prime on this charming collection of French art songs.

Richard S. Ginell - June 21, 2020

Prokofiev delights in blurring boundaries in his quest to bring classical music into the 21st century.

Michael Zwiebach - June 16, 2020

UPDATED June 17: Music for a holiday that is also a memorial.

Jason Victor Serinus - June 15, 2020

Soprano Anna Prohaska and pianist Julius Drake make devilishly great music inspired by the Adam and Eve myth.

Tysen Dauer - June 15, 2020

Fans and scholars will appreciate this premiere recording of a long-lost composition from the composer’s early days.

Richard S. Ginell - June 15, 2020

Three single-movement sonatas highlight the pianist’s formidable range on a sparkling new recording.

Jason Victor Serinus - June 8, 2020

Soprano Sandrine Piau and countertenor Christopher Lowrey are sublime.

Richard S. Ginell - June 6, 2020

Anna Clyne’s concerto, composed for soloist Inbal Segev, makes an impression.