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News Report
Dolby SFS
May 21, 2012

Dolby Labs’ new TrueHD technology enables higher sound quality for action flicks, pop music, and — more aptly here — the S.F. Symphony’s esteemed media projects.

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Feature Article
Photo by woodleywonderworks
May 15, 2012

So you’ve been convinced to make the big switch, and now you want to become a downloading Jedi and Master of the Vinyl. Here are some quick audiophile tips to start you off.

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Feature Article
Classical Music Downloads
May 15, 2012

Goodbye CDs, hello high-resolution downloads and — surprise! — vinyl LPs. Here’s the why and the how of it.

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Feature Article
Alan Gilbert
May 8, 2012

The New York Philharmonic plays more resplendently than ever. But is that enough to guarantee relevance? Longtime critic John Rockwell asks some tough questions.

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