Thomas Busse

Thomas Busse,, is a professional tenor.

Articles By This Author

Thomas Busse - January 13, 2014

Near-perfect vocalism and fine instrumental performances mark Musica Pacifica’s concert of French Baroque works.

Thomas Busse - November 25, 2013

Volti continues to uncover excellent new music, but its performances, especially of a Britten classic, show that the chorus has room to grow.

Thomas Busse - November 5, 2013

Taking its inspiration from Italian Baroque music published in London, the string band Archetti serves up balanced, intriguing fare.

Thomas Busse - May 27, 2013

Philip Glass’ score for La Belle et la bête was a missed opportunity for retouching, though San Francisco Performances’ production was well-done.

Thomas Busse - April 30, 2013

In its free concert of semistaged works, S.F. Chamber Orchestra provides a platform for younger singers to strut their stuff in works both old and fresh.

Thomas Busse - March 25, 2013

In performing Bach, Buxtehude, and Telemann, newcomer Marin Baroque faces uphill battles of insufficient vocal musicianship.

Thomas Busse - March 12, 2013

In a wildly entertaining, beautifully played program, the virtuosic early-music group Cançonièr brings to life one of the medieval period’s stranger social phenomena.

Thomas Busse - February 1, 2013

At an S.F. Contemporary Music Players’ concert, Steve Reich’s music became the sum of its electronic amplifiers, rather than its parts. Is there a way to tame this problem?

Thomas Busse - January 22, 2013

Walnut Creek’s California Symphony tries out a potential leader in Sean Newhouse, with two classics and a New Agey filler.

Thomas Busse - December 4, 2012

The early-music quartet Musica Pacifica scored a seasonal concert hit with smart arrangements and excellent contributions from soprano Clara Rottsolk.